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StarLynx VSAT-based, satellite communication


Our VSAT autodeploy systems are designed to meet the fixed and mobile communication requirements of companies and agencies operating in the most challenging environments in North America. Our technology enables the delivery of vital business communications with unmatched quality of service, where you need them, when you need them.

StarLynx’s VSAT-satellite broadband services are based on ViaSat Satellite Broadband System’s LinkStar® technology.

LinkStar is a high-performance, VSAT system for service providers, ISPs, and corporate network managers. It is a world leading Internet Protocol via satellite product that delivers dynamic bandwidth allocation that is more efficient and faster than other systems on the market.

LinkStar terminals can transmit data to the network hub at speeds up to 2.0 Mbps, with data downloads of up to 54 Mbps, satisfying bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data.

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Satelite Phone Iridium

For 2007 we are now offering our VSAT Autodeploy Systems.

VSAT Systems can provide mobile satellite Internet units to be mounted on a truck, RV, van, or outside your base camp.

The portable satellite solution provides the customer with the ability to press a button and have the satellite antenna automatically lock onto the satellite.

The StarLynx antenna uses a strong actuator that accurately positions the dish for optimal signal strength. Typical satellite acquisition is less than 3 minutes.

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